Jack Sherdel, CEO

Jack Sherdel, CEO Digitec Interactive, holds a BS Degree in Aeronautical Engineering. He has more than 40 years of experience in the media production industry, having worked with clients including The Walt Disney Company, J. Walter Thompson, McCann Erickson, and Young & Rubicam.

Jack became Chief Engineer for ODO Studios in NYC seven years before moving to San Juan Puerto Rico. Once settled in Puerto Rico, Jack became President and partner of Ochoa Recording Company, Puerto Rico’s largest media production company. Leaving Puerto Rico in 1988, Jack founded Digitec Inc. in Orlando, Florida.

Digitec Inc. is the parent company of Digitec Interactive with offices in both San Juan, Puerto Rico and Orlando, FL. Since 1988, Digitec Inc. has produced television commercials, syndicated television programs, and movies. During the 1990s, Jack Sherdel together with Jack McGrath, President and Creative Director at Digitec Interactive launched Digitec’s foray into online training, with the development of the Knowledge Direct eLearning platform and custom eLearning courseware design and development.

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