Jonathan Fore, Knowledge Direct Product Manager

After serving in the military, Jonathan began a career in the information technology industry as one of the first internet service providers in the Northeast. He also worked for various companies, starting with Bristol-Myers Squibb. During this time, Jonathan focused on infrastructure security, becoming an expert and resource for a number of different law enforcement agencies as well as an expert witness in trial proceedings involving computer crimes. He spent a year serving with the National Infrastructure Security Council, a technological branch of Home Land Security as an Infraguardsman and providing IT security consulting professionally.

Since arriving at Digitec in 2007, Jonathan has been responsible for the Knowledge Direct application offerings, including new development, ongoing maintenance, and client support. These applications include the Knowledge Direct WEB learning management system, Knowledge Direct CMS, and the Direct-to-WEB eLearning development and PowerPoint-to-Flash utility application. Jonathan’s responsibilities also include Digitec’s web hosting and internal IT infrastructure.

Jonathan is a decorated war veteran as well as a published photographer and fiction author.

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