Association eLearning: What You Need to Know

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This month Digitec Interactive is honored to be featured as a guest author on the Event Garde blog. Association eLearning: What You Need To Know by Sarah Lugo, features practical tips and tricks for getting started with online learning and shares the secret to giving members what they want. If you haven’t already, please check out our guest blog post and share your comments. We’d love to hear your tips for getting started with association eLearning.


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Sarah Lugo

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Digitec Interactive

A relative newbie to the eLearning scene, Sarah is no stranger to the association and non-profit world. Before joining the “dark side,” Sarah served as a marketing and communications specialist at various organizations including the American Lung Association and the Association of Corporate Contribution Professionals. Today, Sarah serves as Digitec’s Digital Marketing Coordinator or “SM Queen” for short. In her new role, Sarah enjoys blogging, tweeting and sharing membership engagement tips for association professionals. Sarah earned certificates in non-profit and volunteer management as well as a B.A. in media and communications from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.

Spirit animal: Lion
Diet-breaker: Bacon
Comfort object: Sunglasses
Personal vice: #longhashtags ;)
Useless talent: Can fall asleep in seconds
Unreasonable paranoia: Tsunamis
Wishes more people cared about: Recycling and the environment

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