Advantages of GreenLearning

Making small choices to help the environment doesn’t always have to be complicated. Here at Digitec, we have a recycling program for all those lunch time soup cans and plastic bottles. But what else can we do to make a difference? When you consider options for keeping our planet “green”, you may not realize the […]

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Effective Interface Designs for eLearning

If you read the previous blog, Creating Your First eLearning Course, you are already on your way to being an instructional design maven. Congratulations! In this post, we will discuss the importance of interface design – what the learning experience will “look and feel” like. To start, we’ll talk about audience analysis, which is the […]

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Creating Your First Association eLearning Course

After selecting a learning management system (LMS), the next logical step for an association is to begin creating your course catalog. But for many associations, creating online learning courses is uncharted territory, especially if this is a brand new course. To be successful, a course should help the learner acquire the skills and knowledge they […]

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What Is eLearning? The Good, Bad, and The Ugly

eLearning is an education system that primarily utilizes technology to transfer skills and knowledge. You might also notice eLearning being referred to as online learning, web-based learning, or distance learning. It enables learners to advance their knowledge anytime, anywhere, allowing for more flexibility and consistency. Elearning can include virtual education, social media, digital collaboration, computer-based […]

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Comparing Traditional and Lite LMSs

This month we’re going to be focusing on learning management systems (LMSs) and sharing the do’s and don’ts of selecting your organization’s new LMS system. As LMS technologies continue to advance and improve, it can be overwhelming to begin a search for the perfect system. To feel confident in your final decision, you’ll need to […]

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Kahn Academy, A Rise to eLearning?

The rise of the Kahn Academy in mainstream awareness has sparked a great deal of controversy. Funded by Google and The Gates Foundation, this program is a completely free, non-profit source of “World Class Education for Anyone Anywhere”. So what’s all the buzz about? The design is based on a relatively simple learning model. Students […]

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