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Top 10 Reasons Why Knowledge Direct is #1 LMS for Association…

The Knowledge Direct eLearning platform is more than a Learning Management System (LMS) – it is an all-in-one system for the creation, delivery and reporting of all your online member education programs. Essentially, the Knowledge Direct learning management system is a LMS, LCMS, rapid content authoring tool, marketing channel and testing/reporting engine all in one!

Knowledge Direct is the best learning management system (LMS) for member-based organizations including associations and nonprofits.

Here are the top 10 reasons why:

1. Ease of Use/ Speed to Deploy

2. Customization/Tailoring

3. Association Management System (AMS) Integration

4. Flexibility & Scalability

5. eLearning Experience

6. Customer Service & Support

7. System Security & Stability

8. Integrated Marketing and Shopping Cart Functionality

9. Game-based Learning Features

10. Platform Affordability


1. Ease of Use and Speed to Deploy

“Knowledge Direct has one of the cleanest, easiest to use, administrative interfaces, out of any system we’ve seen.” – Jeff Cobb, Association Learning Management Systems Report 2009

Perhaps one of the most important traits our clients say they are seeking in an e-Learning platform is ease of use. Many learning management systems (LMSs) and legacy systems are overly complex. The Knowledge Direct Learning Management System (LMS) was designed with one key concept in mind, “keep it simple”. Now, if you can create a PowerPoint® file, you can create e-Learning. Users can quickly develop self-paced and live eLearning courses, market and sell these courses, and then monitor learner progress — without the aid of programmers, database administrators, or other technical personnel.

Built-in content authoring tools within the Knowledge Direct platform make creating engaging eLearning easy. Knowledge Direct’s rapid authoring tool allows users to quickly create content from existing Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations, insert interactive learning activities from Knowledge Direct’s extensive set of instructional games templates, and finally, Save As Direct-to-WEB to automatically create an e-Learning module for the web, mobile device, and MP3 player. It’s that easy to build your online training in Knowledge Direct!

If you are looking for a Learning Management System (LMS) that’s affordable, quick to deploy, and easy to use, let us show you how Knowledge Direct can work for you!


2. Customization and Tailoring

When partnering with Digitec Interactive and the Knowledge Direct Learning Management System (LMS), Digitec’s creative and highly technical staff is skillful in providing clients with customized learning management solutions as well as award-winning e-Learning courseware.

Our eLearning customization services include:

• Custom e-Learning courseware creation

• Custom integrations with third parties

• Custom integrations with Association Management Systems (AMS) and HR systems

• Custom experiential learning solutions

• Custom serious game design for game-based learning


3.  Association Management System (AMS) Integration

Integrating with association management systems (AMS) is often a major concern for associations searching for an e-Learning platform, and rightfully so. The Knowledge Direct Learning Management System (LMS) has been successfully integrated at numerous associations and features single sign-on (SSO), eCommerce integration, and data transfer from the LMS to AMS. The Knowledge Direct implementation team has extensive integration experience with the following association management systems:

• Personify powered by TMA Resources

• iMIS powered by Advanced Solutions International (ASI)

• netFORUM powered by Avectra

• Association Anywhere powered by ACGI Software

• IMPAK powered by Integrated Software Solutions, Inc. (ISSI)

Use a different association management system? Not a problem! Knowledge Direct can be easily integrated with virtually any AMS with an API or web services.


4. Flexibility & Scalability

Knowledge Direct maintains scalability through well known industry best practices, including tailoring through an administration dashboard for activating or deactivating features, as well as component based code development and support for more specific client customizations. As a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, Digitec’s server environment can scale to your needs, providing shared or dedicated server options. Simply stated, the Knowledge Direct learning management system (LMS) is configured to grow with you, and reliably meet your level of usage.


5. eLearning Experience

The Digitec staff has been actively involved with the design and development of interactive learning since the 1990s, and is nationally recognized for their e-Learning design and development. In 2002 and 2004, Digitec was the winner of a nationally renowned Brandon-Hall.com Excellence in Elearning award for e-Learning and LMS providers. In 2005 Digitec won the prestigious Technology and Learning Award of Excellence for eLearning. Digitec Interactive was awarded the Chief Learning Officer Learning in Practice Excellence in Simulations and Games award in 2010. The Brandon Hall Group honored Digitec Interactive again in 2010 with their most coveted award — the Excellence in Technology award for the company’s best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS), Knowledge Direct. Digitec Interactive and the Knowledge Direct Learning Management System (LMS) were also honored by Training Industry, Inc. by being named to the Top 20 Learning Portal Companies Watch List in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Our instructional designers hold post-graduate degrees and are experts in their field. The staff at Digitec has presented on eLearning at national conferences, including the ASAE Technology Conference, TechLearn, DevLearn, ASTD, IITSEC, Training, eLearning Guild, the e-Learning Producer Conference, Learning Solutions, the University of Houston and the Financial e-Learning conference in New York. The President of Digitec Interactive, Jack McGrath, is also a sixteen-year faculty member at a Florida college and continues to teach Humanities as distance learning to undergraduate students.

Digitec is a loyal and committed member of the eLearning, continuing education and training community and is affiliated with and holds memberships in:

• The eLearning Guild

• The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD)

• The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) & The Center for Association Leadership

• The Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEHP)


6. Customer Service & Support

Digitec Interactive is a privately held e-Learning production company and learning management systems provider, in business since 1988, with offices in Orlando, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our company has been built on our commitment to customer service and support. Digitec is known for its outstanding attention to client satisfaction and prompt technical support, should you ever need it. Digitec offers two technical support options for its Knowledge Direct products: Standard and Premium.

Standard technical support – Digitec provides live telephone support 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. EDT weekdays, excluding holidays. All of our support calls are taken in-house by Knowledge Direct product managers who are experts on the platform. Technical support is also available via email. Digitec’s standard response time is within one business day or less.

Premium technical support – Digitec provides telephone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.


7. System Security & Stability

Knowledge Direct servers are under close third party (Security Metrics) scrutiny for security compliancy and audited quarterly. Additionally, we conduct quarterly penetration studies of the hosting platforms bastion utilizing industry standard auditing application and techniques. Lastly, we maintain a PCI certification for credit card processing on our production servers.

Knowledge Direct has enjoyed a 99.99 percent uptime in the past 60 months and a 100% uptime over the past three years, and guarantees an uptime of 99.98%.

Response times vary depending on the weight of the course content, and the bandwidth of the eLearner. However, responses to the immediate upstream are guaranteed to be within 60 milliseconds. Knowledge Direct is hosted with a 100MB internet connection, and 15 MB fiber to the redundant datacenter.

The Knowledge Direct hosting Platform hardware is all best of breed, utilizing shelf life spans twice those projected for production roll out. Every three years, production servers are retired to either the redundant datacenter or to the development and staging server farms. Every year, the servers are physically cleaned to insure moving parts do not suffer wear due to environmental conditions. Every quarter year, the servers are patched to manufacture recommended patching levels. Weekly, security patches are applied if appropriate for these specialized servers. Daily, the servers are intensively reviewed for indication or conditions that may arise as dictated from a well documented Preventative Maintenance schedule.

The production environment is backed up continually to the redundant datacenter. The Production database servers produce onsite database backups every half hour incrementally, with full database dumps every 24 hours. These backups are brought off-site daily and archived onto portable media. Once a week, these backups are permanently stored on other portable media in duplicate. Every month, the duplicate media is moved off-site to a safe box. This allows for three off-site backups of database content, and a readily available duplicate.

In the replication datacenter, the servers are continually backed up to servers within the development network onto portable media. Databases are backed up every half hour incrementally, with full database dumps every 24 hours.

All server backups are augmented with Microsoft Windows Shadow Copy Service.

Knowledge Direct utilizes best practices for application disaster recovery. Each deployment’s content and customized features as well as the whole of the data storage exist in two geographically separate locations. One site is prepared to assume the role of production first transparently to the customer community. In addition, the production state of each deployment is maintained as functional within the staging environment allowing yet a third level of recovery should both datacenters be rendered inoperable.


8. Integrated Marketing and Shopping Cart Functionality

The Knowledge Direct e-Learning platform features marketing and eCommerce functions not available in most other learning management systems. Our marketing applications include: a recommended courses feature, which uses course keywords to automatically suggest related courses to learners, and broadcast messaging, which allows administrators to send out email alerts to specific users when new or related courses become available.

The eCommerce and integrated shopping cart functionality within the platform make it easy to sell your eLearning online through your existing website and provide a secure payment portal for your learners with one click purchasing.


9. Game Based Learning (GBL) Features

At Digitec, we believe that learning should be engaging and interactive. Our game-based approach to learning, Play to Teach has directly influenced the Knowledge Direct e-Learning platform. With the built-in rapid development tool, Direct-to-Web, it is easier than ever to create embedded games within courses and add game-based learning (GBL) to your training initiatives. Real-time Flash driven assessment questions created in Knowledge Direct also promote learner comprehension and retention.

The Knowledge Direct eLearning platform gives you six options for game-based activities:

• Countdown games

• Matching games

• Line games

• Drag-and-Drop games

• Sequence games

• Hotspot image games


10. Platform Affordability

Although the Knowledge Direct eLearning platform is one of the most powerful and robust systems available, with built-in content authoring, eTranscripts, eCommerce and AMS and HR system integration, it is often more affordable than comparable systems. Platform affordability is derived from our unique ability to align our pricing model with individual client needs and budget. Affordable pricing models for the learning management solution include:

• eCommerce-pay as you go

• Annual license-unlimited courses

• Revenue sharing

• Volume discounts


For more information on our pricing models and the powerful Knowledge Direct Learning Management System (LMS), contact us today to schedule your Live Demo and start your 30 Day FREE Trial.

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