Top 6 Reasons You’ll Love New Version 6.0

With so many new features, there’s a lot to love about the new Knowledge Direct™ learning management system (LMS) version 6.0 and Direct-to-WEB, its built-in PowerPoint®-based rapid content authoring tool (RCAT).

1. Collaborate and Create new eLearning Courses on the Web!

Knowledge Direct 6.0 now includes a web-based content authoring tool. Now, instead of purchasing and installing a separate authoring tool, the new Direct-to-WEB enables multiple administrators to access the portal, upload presentation files then add games and create assessments. Content authors simply log in to the Knowledge Direct portal, upload an existing Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation and sit back as the content is automatically converted. Content authors can then insert interactive Direct-to-WEB HTML5 activities and assessment questions to create more engaging eLearning. Administrators and content authors can then review the new modules and track suggested changes to the content, all within Knowledge Direct.

2. Automatically Produce Mobile Versions of the eLearning.

Direct-to-WEB 6.0 supports mobile learning by automatically generating a mobile version of the learning for the iPad, iPhone, Android and versions of Blackberry that support HTML 5 technology. When learners access the portal from a mobile internet browser, Knowledge Direct automatically detects the browser type and serves up the proper version of the course content.

3. Encourage Social Learning Within the LMS.

Knowledge Direct 6.0 keeps learners connected to an organization or community of users, through its integration with Twitter, RSS Feeds and discussions. Learners can follow custom Twitter feeds directly from their training menu and receive news alerts. Discussion boards connect learners with instructors and other learners. And learners can easily promote courses to their social network, with integration to sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin.

4. Manage Assessments and Reports with Ease.

Assessments are easier than ever to create using Knowledge Direct 6.0. Administrators, instructors or content managers can either import questions from a text file into the LMS to create true/false or multiple-choice questions, or create interactive Flash activities including many-to-one, one-to-one, hot spot, or sequencing.

Reporting on learners’ success is just as easy and intuitive as creating assessments. New reports include learner benchmarking and a pre-assessment gap analysis. With the learner benchmark report, administrators can see where a learner ranks amongst others who have taken the course and compare high and low assessment scores. The pre-assessment gap analysis displays learning gains. Version 6.0 also includes ad hoc reports, so that administrators can generate custom reports through a variety of filters, then export to Excel or Word, save as a PDF or email to a colleague.

5. Market Your Courses to Potential and Existing Learners.

Marketing your courses with the latest version of Knowledge Direct is just as easy as creating them. Knowledge Direct uses meta-tagging to automatically suggest courses to the learner, recommending them through a tab on the integrated course catalog. Learners can view course descriptions and purchase fee-based courses or add free courses directly from their training menu using the platform’s integrated eCommerce shopping cart. LMS administrators also have the ability market courses to registered learners. Administrators can set up triggered alerts and broadcast emails to promote newly available courses, based on student type. Viral marketing in Knowledge Direct 6.0 enable learners to suggest courses to friends and colleagues with the built-in social networking application, which posts a link to the course and course description to any of the more than 200 social media sites.

6. Keep in Contact With your Learners – online and off.

The new Message Center in Knowledge Direct 6.0 takes connectivity to the next level with built-in private eMessaging. Now, learners can communicate with administrators or course instructors directly through the portal. Learners can pose questions about the content, submit essays, ask for help and much, much more with private in-portal messaging. Once created, the message is automatically sent to the course instructor and/or LMS administrator  for quick follow up. The LMS administrator and/or course instructor is alerted to the new message through standard email and in the Knowledge Direct portal where they can review, reply to and manage all messages.

If you are looking for a Learning Management System (LMS) that’s affordable, quick to deploy, and easy to use, let us show you how Knowledge Direct can work for you!

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