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Good eLearning benefits your members and your association’s bottom line.

Online learning is a great way for associations to create valuable educational experiences for their members. These opportunities can also mean valuable non-dues revenue for the association, as well, providing a new product for their members.

Association meetings have been a popular way for members to gain continuing education and professional development, but many associations are seeing a downturn in annual meeting attendance. That’s not surprising, with the increased costs and hassles of traveling and more demands on people’s time. Now, with the proliferation of search engines and social networking, people are becoming more proactive in looking for the information they need, when they need it. Of course, information is not education. Well-designed online learning can enable people to learn at their own pace, developing their knowledge and skill, right from their desktop or mobile device.

What is good e-Learning?

Often, associations turn to webinars to provide online education. While webinars offer a great way for members to attend sessions more conveniently, these events often lack the opportunity for learners to reflect, practice, and apply the concepts. In addition, these presentation-style events tend to be very passive, simply transferring an expert-based classroom model to online. Yet, learners expect more engagement than a webinar typically provides, and often they need it to truly learn.

So what is effective online learning?

There are many technology buzzwords swirling around online learning today, whether it’s Second Life, Alternate Reality, Game-Based Learning or micro-learning. Digitec has been designing and producing eLearning since the 1990s, and we believe that the basic premise for effective learning design is to match the level of engagement with the learning objectives. If the primary objectives for a course are largely awareness, then a 3-D immersive game world is probably not a good match, and a waste of money. Similarly, if the course needs to teach skills-based procedures, then a narrated PowerPoint® presentation is not adequate.

You’ve probably heard the term “content is king.” If you start now by creating truly good eLearning for your members, they will appreciate the higher quality and will come back for more. Delivering good eLearning will benefit your members and your association in the form of non-dues revenue.

Digitec knows eLearning

Digitec has designed and produced a variety of eLearning courses with a range of interactivity to meet awareness, comprehension and demonstration learning objectives for associations.

With more than 40 years of combined experience, Digitec’s e-Learning team follows a collaborative instructional design model that produces an educational experience which encourages learner reflection, practice and application.

Digitec Interactive provides complete custom eLearning design service, with creative, including: writing, instructional design, graphic design, video, audio production and post-production, as well as complete programming services. Digitec’s core production team comes from the entertainment industry, and the staff includes award-winning screenwriters/playwrights, with an instructional design background. The synergy has resulted in award-winning e-learning programs and courseware.

Digitec’s instructional designers hold post-graduate degrees and are experts in their field. The management staff at Digitec has presented on eLearning and game based learning at more than a dozen national conferences. The President of Digitec Interactive, Jack McGrath, is also a sixteen-year faculty member at a Florida college and continues to teach Humanities as distance learning to undergraduate students.

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