eLearning Design – Choosing the Right Color

Unless you want everything to blend together, you don’t put white furnishings in a white room. Likewise, if your learners can’t see your content clearly, they can’t learn from it. To keep your work in visual ship-shape, remember: ● Warm colors naturally “pop,” while cool colors tend to fade into the background. As a result, you [...]

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Effective Interface Designs for eLearning

If you read the previous blog, Creating Your First eLearning Course, you are already on your way to being an instructional design maven. Congratulations! In this post, we will discuss the importance of interface design – what the learning experience will “look and feel” like. To start, we’ll talk about audience analysis, which is the [...]

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What Is eLearning? The Good, Bad, and The Ugly

eLearning is an education system that primarily utilizes technology to transfer skills and knowledge. You might also notice eLearning being referred to as online learning, web-based learning, or distance learning. It enables learners to advance their knowledge anytime, anywhere, allowing for more flexibility and consistency. Elearning can include virtual education, social media, digital collaboration, computer-based [...]

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eLearning Design > 9 Steps to Story Theatre

I was manning the Digitec booth at the Society of Pharma and Bio-Tech Trainer’s (SPBT) Conference in Orlando last week and had the opportunity to sit in on an excellent session by Doug Stevenson on Story Theatre. Being a theatre guy, his booth caught my eye, and I ducked into his session. He has a [...]

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Game-based eLearning: What is Web 2.0 gaming?

It seems as though Web 2.0 is pushing everyone in IT to change the paradigm, making the online experience more user-focused and experiential. And eLearning is no exception. Nowadays, a simple drag and drop “game” can hardly be considered “game-based eLearning.” So then what is considered “good game” by Web 2.0 standards, in terms of [...]

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Training Tech Solutions conference > Elearning Trip Reports

Okay, so I just did a speaking engagement at last week’s Training Tech Solutions conference in Salt Lake City. In years past, this was a great conference, and I had high hopes. They promoted it as the “Best of the Best,” recruiting past sessions that were rated by attendees as definitely worth seeing again. Unfortunately, [...]

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eLearning Design>Should Games Teach?

In Justin Peters’ article in Slate “World of Borecraft“,  he bemoans the earliest examples of game-based learning. Remember  Reader Rabbit? How about Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing? Let’s face it.  They may have been goofy, but these applications were the earliest  examples of eLearning design. Back in the 1980s, these pioneers were out  there trying to [...]

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