PowerPoint or Prezi: Which is Best for eLearning?

The question is becoming more and more common — “Should I use PowerPoint (PPT) or Prezi?” The two presentation programs share many of the same features, such as the ability to include text, images, audio, and video. But whereas PowerPoint tends to progress linearly from one slide to the next in a fixed sequence, Prezi […]

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eLearning Design – Choosing the Right Color

Unless you want everything to blend together, you don’t put white furnishings in a white room. Likewise, if your learners can’t see your content clearly, they can’t learn from it. To keep your work in visual ship-shape, remember: ● Warm colors naturally “pop,” while cool colors tend to fade into the background. As a result, you […]

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Training Tech Solutions conference > Elearning Trip Reports

Okay, so I just did a speaking engagement at last week’s Training Tech Solutions conference in Salt Lake City. In years past, this was a great conference, and I had high hopes. They promoted it as the “Best of the Best,” recruiting past sessions that were rated by attendees as definitely worth seeing again. Unfortunately, […]

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Best of the Best eLearning Presentations – Good idea

Okay, so from doing speaking engagements at conferences, I’ve attended quite a few on eLearning — and sat in on some sucky presentations, as I think we all have. You can usually tell, right? These people look good, have an impressive bio, a clever presentation title (!), open strong, and then… well, nothing. It usually […]

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