4 Tips to Writing eLearning Scripts That Sing

If you’re getting started on a new script for an eLearning course, you probably aren’t planning to create a “musical” experience. But maybe you should. A great song is relatable, the lyrics that get stuck in your head and you can recite them years later. Wouldn’t you like to write a script with that kind […]

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How to Create Clear Learning Objectives

The phrase “learning objectives” gets thrown around a lot in discussions about training and development. Courses are supposed to have learning objectives, competencies should be related to them, quiz questions should assess how well they’ve been met, and more. But what are learning objectives? For that matter, why are they important, and how do you […]

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eLearning: A Solution to Workforce Readiness?

In The Atlantic magazine cover story “Making it in America” (January/Feb 2012), author Adam Davidson offers some hopeful and some dire predictions for the American worker. The bottom line? Unless we can better train our workers, a large proportion of the unskilled U.S. workforce may continue to be replaced through automation or off shoring. How […]

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eLearning Mistakes > Tip 3 – Harnessing the Power of Humor

Here again, helping you navigate the turbulent waters in the sea of eLearning, is another post in the series on What eLearning Clients Get Wrong. I’d like to touch on a topic that tends to get overlooked on most checklists, but can be a very valuable tool in making your learning even more effective.   […]

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