AMS Integration Bridge Now Available

Yourmembership AMSDigitec has completed an integration bridge with the association management system (AMS) in its Knowledge Direct learning management system. The off-the-shelf integration with will provide users of both systems with single sign-on, secure data transfer, eCommerce and enhanced member self-services.

Now that the bridge is in place, users will log in through the AMS and be automatically granted access to the Knowledge Direct LMS. Member demographic information will also be passed from the database, and reflected in the user’s Knowledge Direct learner profile. Course purchases made from the eCommerce catalog will be automatically populated in the learner’s course assignments in Knowledge Direct. Course completion records, assessment scores, and CE credit achievement will also be transferred from the user’s Knowledge Direct eTranscript to

Curious about whether we’ve integrated with your association management system? Learn more about Digitec Interactive’s integration partners in the About Us section of our website.


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Amy Bassett

Marketing Director at Digitec Interactive

In her 5th year as Digitec's "resident cheerleader," Amy has made a habit of skipping around the office sharing her "sparkle" on a daily basis. Her outgoing personality and fascination with cake means she is always planning someone's birthday around the office. When she is not counting down to "cake time," Amy is busy meeting with folks at national conferences and sharing her love for eLearning. During her time as Director of Marketing at Digitec, Amy has authored numerous white papers, case studies and newsletters. Amy received a B.A. from Rollins College and an A.A. from Valencia College, where she studied marketing and economics.

Spirit animal: Otter (nurturing, playful, and easygoing)
Diet-breaker: Cake!
Comfort object: "Well-loved" teddy bear
Personal vice: Using "too many" quotes and exclamation marks!
Useless talent: Can break out of handcuffs
Unreasonable paranoia: Odd numbers
Wishes more people cared about: Proper grammar

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